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Dr. Majancsik

Dr. Majancsik and his staff are 100% committed to devising a customized Rehability® plan that restores you to full functionality, whether your pain is occupational, athletic or injury related.
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Success Story

"I have been a patient of Dr. Michael’s for several years and have been treated for elbow, forearm, neck and shoulder injuries of various sorts... and I would recommend that you see for yourself the improvement in your daily life that can be gained from working with Dr. Michael."

- Jon Adams, Retired Chief Supervisor, LBCT F10

Dr Lorraine Williams

Dr Lorraine Williams, has been a Chiropractor, Wellness Lifestyle and USATF Level 1 Track and Field Coach. She has extensive training in various sports related and rehabilitative services including the following: Active release technique, Activator, Graston, Functional Movement. Speciality wellness care approaches including exercise, nutritional counseling and progressive posture correction.
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Success Stories

"I have been treated for by Dr. Lorraine for over 10 years. She has always applied her patience and a skillful eye to help me perform my very best. I am grateful for her willingness to always go the extra mile to help me reach my highest goals. I thank her for always getting me back on the "Track" when I really needed it most."

- Hannah Cunliffe University of Oregon
- NCAA Women’s 60m National Record Holder
- 2016 NCAA Women’s 60m National  Champion
- 2016 NCAA Indoor Athlete Of the Year

"I am a retired Fire Captain with over 32 years of service with the Los Angeles Fire Department. Dr.Lorraine  has treated me and both of my children who competed in Track and Field and Football and are college athletes currently. She has helped to keep all of us healthy for over 8 years. I know her to be a very caring and knowledgeable doctor that continually seeks to improve herself so she can give better service to her patients. The love and compassion that she has for her family is transmitted to her patients. I am happy to have met her and look forward to many more years of care from her."

- H. Dwayne Golden

"I have been treated By Dr. Lorraine since she was a student and I am very impressed with her personal growth and grow in her profession over the years. While I only see her when I visit  California for Chiropractic and Fascial work, I continue to work with her for my general health concerns and supplement information (which she is great at )and  health and wellness guidance. Her special hands are like magic and I am grateful for the years she has dedicated to helping me and all of her patients to be the best they can be."

- Tonya Monroe

Dr. Lorraine Williams, DC
Dr. Michael Majancsik, DC
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