Rehability® treats pain caused by work injury, trauma, or sports, and enables you to perform better than before.

Rehability® is exclusive to this practice

The breakthrough Rehability® therapy system was developed right here in Long Beach, California by Dr. Michael Majancsik, whose wide-ranging credentials and breadth of experience has helped him perfect this pain-free regimen, the only one of its kind.

Dr. Majancsik is a Chiropractor, Level 3 Fascial Manipulation Specialist, Applied Functional Scientist GIFT Fellow, and Board Certified in Physical Rehab.

He has devoted over four decades to studying exercise physiology and the exact movement patterns required to build ultimate strength and flexibility. This extensive research was used in the creation of the pioneering Rehability® program.

Dr. Majancsik

Success Stories

"As an internist, I have a critical eye for the treatments I recommend to my patients and have found Dr. Majancsik to be the best therapist and coach to help me and my patients achieve their goals of wellness."
– Josephson, MD, Internist & Geriatrician, Sage Healthcare, Inc.

Work, Play, Live Pain-Free at Your Highest Level of Performance. 

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